Specification of New Makin 4-74 Westmorland Custom Organ

The new organ was dedicatied by the Bishop of Warrington Rt. Rev. Richard Blackburn on Sunday 7th November 2010. The specification is below:-
PEDAL                                                          GREAT
Double Open Wood***     32'                           Double Open Diapason      16'
Open Wood                   16'                           Open Diapason I                 8'
Open Diapason              16'                            Open Diapason II                8'
Bourdon                        16'                           Claribel Flute                      8'
Gamba (Swell)              16'                            Principal                             4'
Principal                         8'                           Harmonic Flute                   4'
Bass Flute                       8'                           Twelfth                               2 2/3'
Fifteenth                        4'                           Fifteenth                            2'
Mixture (     IV                            Full Mixture (   IV
Contra Posaune***          32'                           Sharp Mixture (26.29.33)     III
Ophicliede                     16'                          Double Trumpet                 16'
Fagotto (Swell)              16'                          Trumpet                             8'
Posaune                          8'                          Clarion                              4'
Solo to Pedal*                                              Solo to Great**
Swell to Pedal*                                            Swell to Great*
Great to Pedal**                                          Choir to Great*
Choir to Pedal*                                            West on Great*
Great & Pedal Combinations Coupled
Swell on General Toe Studs

CHOIR (enclosed)                                        SWELL (enclosed)
Lieblich Gedackt              8'                          Open Diapason                 8'
Voix Celestes (II)             8'                           Stopped Diapason             8'
Lieblich Flute                   4'                          Salicional                         8'
Nazard                            2 2/3'                    Vox Angelica                     8'
Flageolet                        2'                           Principal                           4'
Tierce                            1 3/5'                     Fifteenth                          2'
Larigot                           1 1/3'                     Sesquialtera (12.15.17)     III
Sifflote                           1'                          Mixture (       IV
Mixture (29.33.36)          III                           Oboe                                8
Corno di Bassetto            8'                          Vox Humana                     8'
Tremulant                                                   Tremulant
Trompette Harmonique    8'                          Contra Fagotto                 16'
Octave                                                        Cornopean                        8'
Solo to Choir*                                              Clarion                             4'
Swell to Choir*                                            Octave
West on Choir*                                            Sub Octave
West enclosed in Choir Box                          Solo to Swell*
Great Reeds on Choir

SOLO (enclosed)                                        ACCESSORIES
Quintaton                       16'                       8 Thumb pistons to So, Sw, Gt, Ch & We
Harmonic Flute               8'                         8 General thumb pistons
Viola                              8'                        8 Toe pistons to Pedal
Viola Celeste                  8'                        8 Toe pistons duplicating General thumb pistons
Concert Flute                  4'                       *Reversible thumb pistons
Piccolo                           2'                        **Reversible thumb and toe pistons
Cor Anglais                    16'                      ***Reversible toe pistons
Orchestral Clarinet          8'
Orchestral Oboe              8'                      Thumb piston "Setter" with lock
Tremulant                                               Thumb piston "General cancel"
French Horn                    8'
Tuba Mirabillis                8'                      Balanced swell pedal to Solo
Octave                                                    Balanced swell pedal to Choir
                                                              Balanced swell pedal to Swell
Sub Bass                       32'                     250 Individual levels of piston memory with Div-
Open Diapason              16'                     isional and General piston on split memories
Sub Bass                       16'
Trombone                     16'                     Manual compass CC-c, 61 notes
                                                             Pedal compass CCC-g, 32 notes
Bourdon                       16'                      Additional information
Open Diapason               8'                      28 Channels of amplification
Hohl Flute                      8'                      Built in Midi-sequencer
Principal                        4'
Wald Flute                     4'
Fifteenth                       2'
Mixture (   IV
Cornet (    V
Trompette Militaire        8'


Music for Service of Lessons and Carols Sunday 19th December 6.00pm

Processional Carol - Once in royal David’s city NEH 34 (solo v1 choir v2)
Choir – Adam lay ybounden – Boris Ord
Choir – A tender shoot – Otto Goldschmidt
Congregational Carol – Away in a manger NEH 22
Choir – Up good christen folk and listen – Trad. Arr. Woodward
Choir – In the Bleak Midwinter – Harold Darke
Congregational Carol – O little town of Bethlehem NEH 32(omit v4)
Choir – In dulci Jubilo – Arr. Malcolm Archer
Choir – Little baby born at dark midnight – Trad. Arr. John Bertalot
Congregational Carol – Unto us a boy is born! NEH 39
Choir – On this day, earth shall ring – Trad. Swedish – H. C. Stewart
Offertory Carol - Of the Father’s heart begotten NEH 33 v 1,2,4,5&7
Choir – Small wonder the star – Paul Edwards
Organ Voluntary – Festival Toccata – Percy Fletcher


Music for 19th, 24th and 25th December


Setting: Darke in Am
Creed: Merbecke
Motets:  A tender shoot - O. Goldschmidt
              Ding dong merrily on high – Trad arr. C. Wood
              I sing of a maiden – L. Berkeley
Voluntary: Thema met variaties – H. Andriessen

Setting: Darke in F
Gloria: Shepherd
Motets:  In the Bleak Midwinter – H. Darke
             Little baby born at dark midnight – trad. Arr. J. Bertalot
             Silent Night – F. Gruber
Voluntary: In dulci jubilo BWV 729 - J. S. Bach

Setting: Rawsthorne in F
Gloria: Shepherd
Motets:  In dulci jubilo – trad. Arr. M. Archer
             On this day, earth shall ring – trad. Swedish – H. C. Stewart
Voluntary: Der Tag der ist so Freudenreich BWV 605 – J. S. Bach
                  (O hail this brightest day of days)


Carols and Mincepies 17th December

‘CAROLS AND MINCEPIES’ is on Friday 17th December at 8.00pm in the Parish Centre. Come along and enjoy a feast of Christmas music and readings by the choir and ladies of the Chapel Choir and join in some of the best known traditional carols, all in aid of Choir Funds. Tickets priced £4 for adults and £2 for children, are available from Sue Palmer and Ian Wells.


Music for Services on 5th and 8th December

Sunday 5th December Family Eucharist 10.15am
Setting: Shepherd ‘Addington’ Service
Motets: This is the truth sent from above – English trad. arr. RVW
               Long ago, prophets knew – Piae Contiones arr. M. Archer
Voluntary: Postlude in D – Healey -Willan

Wednesday 8th December Choral Evensong 7.15pm
Responses: Clucas
Psalm: 42
Office Hymn: NEH 15
Canticles: Ireland in F
Anthem: The Angel Gabriel – trad. Basque - arr. M. Archer